Young Chinese Couple Caught Having Sex at Scenic Park

Young Chinese Couple Caught Having Sex at Scenic ParkYoung Chinese Couple Caught Having Sex at Scenic Park
Since cameras are everywhere in China, even the most hidden of secrets usually end up being exposed.
Such is the case of a young couple who decided to have sex at a public park in scenic Huizhou. Someone was able to record a short clip of their exhibition and uploaded it on Chinese social media.
As the footage made the rounds on local WeChat groups, a reporter from Guangdong News who resides in Huizhou stumbled upon the clip on WeChat and began to investigate.
With many netizens’ assertion that the incident took place inside the city’s Chaojingmen Park, the curious reporter checked out the exact spot and discovered why it might have been thought of an ideal place to do intercourse despite being unromantic. He found that the area was actually secluded and very few visitors pass it by.
He deduced that the filming was only possible from a certain angle, and the viral video was likely filmed from the window of a hotel room.
According to Shanghaiist, local police officers are now investigating the case. If identified, the lovers may be charged and jailed for 5-10 days for public indecency.
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