Woman Goes Viral After Showing Off Every Mosquito She’s Killed


A young artist has gone viral on Twitter after sharing her collection of every mosquito she has ever slaughtered.

The artist, who goes by the handle @zynapsed, was participating in the “how-it-started vs. how-it’s-going” trend, which shows one’s progress on whatever pursuit they have embarked on.

Image via @zynapsed

In what may be among the trend’s most unusual entries, @zynapsed decided to reveal her museum of dead mosquitoes, all taped secure on a page of a notebook.

As seen in the photo, @zynapsed is yet to “document” her 81st target, and we can only presume she has already done so.

@zynapsed’s collection quickly blew up, drawing all sorts of reactions from awe to WTF to you-probably-need-therapy.

“OMG I don’t know what to say,” one user replied.

While @zynapsed certainly has an unusual hobby — with some saying she probably has an interest in entomology (the study of insects) — she happens to be concerned with more common social issues.

In a follow-up tweet, she asked others to educate themselves on topics such as LGBT rights, sexual assault, police brutality and Black Lives Matter.

@zynapsed shares her creative work on Instagram. Check them out here.

Feature Images via @zynapsed

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