Australian CEO and Actress Fiancée Racially Mock Asian People While in Singapore

Australian CEO and Actress Fiancée Racially Mock Asian People While in Singapore
Jin Hyun
November 5, 2019
Lance Giles, CEO and founder of meal delivery business Youfoodz, and his fiancée Jordana Stott were caught on video mocking Asian people while in Singapore for the Global Restaurant Leadership summit.
The two videos were uploaded to Giles’ Instagram account, in which Stott can be heard making fun of Asians as she zooms her camera in toward random Asian guests at the hotel.
In the first clip, Stott records an Asian couple at a restaurant, watching an origami video as she says, “f***ing origami mate, f***ing origami.”
The second clip, which is even more expletive-laden, captures a group of Asian guests posing for a picture in a swimming pool, as Stott mockingly comments, “Get it c**ts, f***ing get the photo, oh f***ing yeah she-shing.” A male voice, presumably belonging to Giles, can also be heard repeating Stott’s last words “she-shing,” attempting to mimic an Asian language.
Giles apologized for the now-deleted videos in a statement, saying, “Watching this back makes us feel pretty lousy. What we thought was light-hearted is unpleasant and not funny.”
“Jordana and I would like to assure everyone that this isolated incident does not portray the way we feel or act on a day-to-day basis. We deeply apologize for any offense this misjudgment has caused.”
Despite the apologies, several viewers commented that the actions were incredibly hypocritical for a brand that supposedly promotes wellness and togetherness.
Woolworths Supermarket, which sells smaller products from Youfoodz, has reportedly launched an investigation into the incident to seek further information. A spokesperson from Woolworths has told the Daily Mail, “As a business, we deplore racism in any form.”
Youfoodz, which was founded in 2012, is an Australian meal delivery service now worth $250 million. Their products are sold in several major Australian supermarkets such as Coles and IGA.
Feature Image via @NewsTV (Left), 9News (Right)
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