‘You are kind and gentle’: TikToker helping an elderly Asian woman cross the street warms hearts

‘You are kind and gentle’: TikToker helping an elderly Asian woman cross the street warms hearts
Heartwarming TikTok Elderly Escort
Michelle De Pacina
December 16, 2021
A TikTok comedian recently went viral for helping an elderly Asian woman cross the street.
“You are kind and gentle”: A TikTok user who goes by the handle curtiss_strauss safely escorted an elderly woman to a train station by the Northwestern University campus in Illinois.
  • Strauss took a video of his encounter with the woman and uploaded it to his TikTok account on Dec. 15 with the caption, “This felt like a movie.”
  • “I saw this lady trying to cross the street by herself in Chicago so I helped her,” he wrote over a selfie of himself and the woman, who says she is “over 90 [years old].”    
  • During their conversation, the woman looks directly into the camera to offer Strauss advice: “Don’t waste your time.” Later, she asks for a picture with him and says, “I love you for obvious reasons. You are kind and gentle.” 
  • Strauss thanked her and wrote over his TikTok video, “I am so thankful for this interaction.”
  • The TikTok ended after Strauss holds the door to the station open for her, over which he wrote, “She made it to the train safe ❤️.”
Reactions: The now-viral video, which has received nearly 1 million views as of this writing, has prompted positive comments from viewers, especially throughout the Asian community.
  • The TikTok’s pinned comment, which has nearly 12,000 likes, reads: “Thank you. My mother is just like her and I’m afraid she’ll be attacked or hurt when she’s out.”
  • “On behalf of the Asian community, thank you for helping her and making sure she is safe. It is a scary time for our elders so this means a lot,” one user commented.
  • “At a time when Asian elderlies are getting violently assaulted in public, this is the kind of content that gives me hope again,” another user said.
  • “I’m literally in tears at 7 am just thinking about how this could be my grandma. Your kindness is warming my heart this morning,” one comment read. 
Featured Images via curtiss_strauss
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