Yoshinoya Chains Now Sell Ready-to-Eat Beef Bowls in a Can

Yoshinoya Chains Now Sell Ready-to-Eat Beef Bowls in a Can
Bryan Ke
By Bryan Ke
June 4, 2019
Japan’s gyudon (beef bowl) restaurant Yoshinoya is now offering ready-to-eat beef bowls without having to go to any of their branches around the country or overseas.
The new product, which is served inside a can and does not need to be cooked, comes in many flavors, including Yoshinoya’s famous beef bowl.
But, according to SoraNews24, the restaurant has branched out of its primary claim to fame and added five other flavors into the mix:
Yakiniku beef
Yakitori chicken
Ginger pork
and salted grilled mackerel.
Instead of using white rice, Yoshinoya uses brown Kin no Ibuku rice that is grown in Japan’s Miyagi Prefecture due to its higher nutritional value compared to white rice.
Besides being a ready-to-eat meal, the beef bowl could also be a great addition to emergency supplies in case a disaster strikes.
Customers can head over to Yoshinoya’s official website to place orders.
Each six-can bundle costs 4,860 yen ($45), but the mackerel variant comes a bit cheaper at 4,590 yen ($42).
Images via yoshinoya.com
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