Heartbroken Singaporean Man Selling His Ex-Girlfriend’s Stuff on the Internet is the Perfect Breakup Feeling

Heartbroken Singaporean Man Selling His Ex-Girlfriend’s Stuff on the Internet is the Perfect Breakup Feeling

November 16, 2016
A Singaporean man began a journey of healing after a break up by selling a reclining chair on the internet — only to receive a ton of love back in the end.
It’s unclear why the man, Raphael Yee, was dumped by his girlfriend, but he knew he had to get rid of the chair which was a gift to her from his mother. So the man decided to list “My exGF’s chair thing” for $30 on Carousell, a popular online marketplace in Singapore, according to mothership.sg.
Yee wrote in the description of the used chair:
“Selling the chair my mom bought for my exgf.
“Preloved, just like me.
“Able to recline up to 180 degrees, just like she pulled a 180 on me.
“Material is soft and comfortable, but apparently not boyfriend material,
“Color is brown, like how sh—-y i felt for the past 7 months.
“Perfect for those mornings you want to sit at a table and do nothing but contemplate your existence and question your inability to keep a 3-year relationship afloat.”
The description attracted the attention of many Internet users who found the listing for the chair both hilarious and sad.
“Awesome write up bro! Get a beer and chill! Alcohol is a good solution. Literally.”
“That description gave me the feels! *hugs* don’t worry. Crap will fall on you without warning like the rain these days. But eventually the sun will still emerge shining ever so brightly that it’ll dry up the crap so you can scrape it up and toss in behind you and move on ever so smoothly like someone sliding on oil. jiayou! :D”
“Oh dear. Don’t contemplate too much. Analysis paralysis. Aud Lang Syne. Move on. Sometimes it is the wrong person or the wrong timing. The broken roads could lead to someone better. Cheer up.”
The reclining chair wasn’t the only thing that needed to move on, so Yee decided to sell himself off on Carousell as well.
Check out how the man described himself under “PRELOVED Boyfriend RARE FIND”:
“Used but not abused.
Condition: 8
Size: 170cm
“Good for long term family planning, insurance plan selection, cooking, cleaning, cuddling, buying you breakfast, deep existential discussions about the fleeting nature of happiness and mornings pondering about the absurdity of life.
“5% Boyfriend, 95% Husband material – RARE FIND.
“100% Authentic, i dont cheat. 😉
“Can try first to see if can fit.
‘I’m sure whoever it is, they’ll be so lucky to have you.’ – satisfied exgirlfriend
Yee ended the listing with the hashtag “#singleandfree”. He’s also free of charge, ladies.
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