Years After Dominating YouTube, Singer Jennifer Chung is Finally BACK

Years After Dominating YouTube, Singer Jennifer Chung is Finally BACKYears After Dominating YouTube, Singer Jennifer Chung is Finally BACK
Talented singer-songwriter Jennifer Chung is reaching out to her fans and supporters for help in launching her latest album titled “After All”.
The musical talent born in South Korea and raised in Millbrae, California began a YouTube channel for fun in 2007. She has built a significant fan base over the years, which led to the release of her first full album in 2011 titled “4 Years & Counting…
After six long years, the Bay Area native is finally ready for a follow-up mini-album, according to AllKPop.
To raise money for her mini-album, Chung started a Kickstarter campaign with a minimum goal of $10,000.
“The internet is a special place for me. I grew up singing and wasn’t sure how far I could actually go, but after posting my first YouTube video in 2007 set me on this journey to connect with an audience all over the world, “ Chung wrote on her Kickstarter page.
In the post, she also narrated how she was able to produce her first album in 2011:
“Most of those songs were written in college during my earlier YouTube content creator days. …I was able to also produce that album with the help of my former management company. I was an independent artist then also, but had a team to help make things possible in terms of fronting the money. I recouped the expenses in time, but was having a difficult time continuing my life as an artist.”
Despite her success, her financial troubles persisted. Currently unsigned, Chung has found it challenging to balance pursuing her musical endeavors and taking on odd jobs:
“Trying to survive in L.A. with college debt, working odd jobs and pursuing music was tough, to say the least. I was burnt out and uninspired. Since then, I had left my management company, was unsure of how I was going to make a living, spontaneously moved to Korea through another music opportunity, reconciled with my father after reuniting with him after 10 years, met my future husband on Instagram, got married, and moved to Atlanta. Life was insane. It was the course I needed to take to be ready to create again.”
She then explained that the contributions would be used for production costs, ads, promotions and other expenses.
Exclusive perks and rewards including backstage access, signed CD’s, a personal “Thank You” email or phone call, exclusive merchandise and others await those who make a donation.
As of this writing, Chung’s Kickstarter page has so far received a total pledge of $4,571, out of the $10,000 goal, from 112 backers. To support Chung’s new album, follow this link.

NextShark spoke with Chung to get to know the 27-year-old singer a little better.
Chung revealed her inspirations for the songs in her new album:
“A lot of my inspiration has come from really working through what it means to know and love yourself. I practically grew up from my later teenage years to young adulthood ‘in front’ of people through the internet. I think it was easy to let others opinions seep into my mind. Taking a break from that and really figuring out who I was ASIDE from peoples’ perceptions online/industry was necessary.
“I had many breakthroughs. I had moved from California to Korea spontaneously, reunited with my dad whom I had no relationship with (the last time I saw him was when I was 13), then suddenly met my soon to be husband on Instagram, moved to Atlanta and my eyes opened to what truly mattered to me.
“I had peace again to create and I wanted to share the stories of uplifting others and sharing what I learned — things like, it’s okay to apologize first. You won’t hate yourself for that. Or, people will always have an endless list of things to say about how you could be ‘better’ but instead of taking all of their criticisms to heart, you take a moment to just look back at them and let them know: chill, fam. Free yourself.”
She also revealed the Korean artists that she dreams of collaborating with someday:
“I’ve always wanted to sing a duet with Kim Bum Soo — an amazing R&B/soul vocalist in Korea. One of my really great friends Marshall Bang just debuted in Korea — we initially met because we were set up to sing a cover duet together when I was about 18. We had stayed friends since then. He’s really my brother from another mother. I’ve always encouraged him to keep singing. It was just a matter of time and now he’s crushing it. It’s only appropriate that we sing together again one day. :slightly_smiling_face:”
Chung also revealed her thoughts on the K-pop and idol industry in Korea:
“I definitely am not programmed or have it in me to be an IDOL or K-POP Star but I will always love Korea as my motherland and would love to perform a concert show, festival, or do a radio tour there. I wouldn’t turn down an opportunity to sing or write with/for other artists. 
“Before I met my husband, my publishers in Korea wanted to sign me as an indie-artist but love led me elsewhere. I still have a great relationship with them so my new mini-album will be released in Korea and other Asian countries once it’s done. I’m hoping we could raise enough funds for me to visit my publishers so I can do some shows there to promote it!”
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