How a 59-Year-Old Grandmother Is Still Killing It as a Successful Fashion Model

How a 59-Year-Old Grandmother Is Still Killing It as a Successful Fashion ModelHow a 59-Year-Old Grandmother Is Still Killing It as a Successful Fashion Model
Laura Dang
September 15, 2015
The 50s is proving it could be a new peak age for models. Yasmina Rossi, a 59-year-old French-born and highly sought-after model, is a testament to the belief that beauty only keeps growing with age. Standing at 5’8” with beautiful dark amber eyes and stunning long silver hair, the proud grandmother-of-two is still rocking it.
Born in France in 1955, Rossi grew up on the Mediterranean island of Corsica and has lived in many places around the world including Paris, South Africa and Malibu, California. The astonishing model broke many norms in the industry by starting her career during her late 20s — the time when most models are beginning to retire.
As a young woman, she turned to modeling to overcome her shyness. However, Rossi had her big break at the age of 45 after relocating to New York City. She has since modeled for big name designers including Yves Saint Laurent and Eileen Fisher, among others. She has also appeared in numerous television commercials and major ad campaigns for Macy’s, AT&T and Marks & Spencers in Europe.
Back in 2010, the then 51-year-old Rossi told More Magazine:
“I feel more at peace than I did 10 years ago. I’ve realized that everything around me is a source of teaching. This is aging, and I enjoy it.”
According to Rossi, it was her signature hair that made her unique at a young age:
“My hair started turning gray when I was 12 and was salt-and-pepper by the time I hit 20. I never colored it, because I knew it was my best asset.”
The trilingual model with dual passports from the United States and France once turned down a lucrative opportunity for a global cosmetic campaign after she was told to dye her hair. She was firm in her decision and belief that money could not buy her freedom and happiness.
She revealed to the Sunday Times the secret to her health and beauty regimen:
“I scrub my skin once a week with olive oil and sugar. I eat an avocado a day and organic meat and fish.”
Rossi emphasizes the importance of not over-exerting oneself during physical exercise and striving to cure sickness naturally instead of through prescribed medication. According to her resume, Rossi enjoys maintaining her fitness through hiking, jogging and windsurfing. She has also practiced yoga for 30 years.
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