Asian Man Stabbed to Death in NYC Internet Cafe Over Playing League of Legends

Asian Man Stabbed to Death in NYC Internet Cafe Over Playing League of Legends

April 28, 2017
A 19-year-old Asian man was stabbed to death during a heated argument over an internet cafe seat in New York City.
The incident occurred on Wednesday at K&D Internet Cafe in Flushing, Queens. Yangpu Fan, the victim, was stabbed in the stomach before being taken to a hospital, NBC reported.
Paul Kim, the suspect, reportedly went back to his seat as if nothing happened. The 51-year-old homeless man was arrested shortly after and charged with manslaughter and criminal possession of a weapon.
According to a cafe worker, it all started when Fan’s friends asked Kim to move to another chair so they can sit and play “League of Legends” together.
When Kim declined their request, the group repeatedly punched him in the head, the New York Post noted. He then pulled out something that looked like a hammer and swung it while screaming “You’re going to die!”
The group left the cafe but returned shortly with more members, including Fan. Again, Kim refused to move. He received more blows and was then hurled to a computer terminal. There, he pulled out his knife and stabbed Fan.
Fan was rushed by his friends to New York Hospital Center of Queens, where he was pronounced dead.
K&D manager Paul Chen was sorry about the incident (via ABC):
I feel really sorry about it. It’s a safe place, because the police station is right next to here, and it should not happen.”
He said Kim’s knife was so small that nobody noticed he stabbed Fan. There were 40 to 50 customers during the altercation.
Chen claimed that Kim was a regular customer who never caused trouble before. He described him as “very polite” and always smiled when making a purchase.
“He pay on time. I mean, he always paying, so we really never asked him (to get) out or anything. If he doesn’t pay, then we ask him out,” Chen said.
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