China’s First Astronaut Claims He Heard Something Knocking on His Space Capsule

In a recent interview with the local media, China’s first-ever astronaut has revealed he heard a peculiar knock on his ship during his first trip into space.
Astronaut Yang Liwei recalled having heard a mysterious knocking sound on his space capsule which creepily like a “hammer hitting an iron bucket.” He noted that the noise left him feeling nervous and worried, the BBC reported. He claimed that it seemed that someone was outside and was knocking on his spaceship’s body.
Yang investigated the sound by moving close to the spaceship’s porthole but he found nothing. The 51-year-old, who is now a Chinese air force major general, said he has not heard any sound similar to it since his return to Earth.
The event remains unexplained, leaving many to hypothesize different theories. Some think aliens were trying to enter his ship.
The Chinese astronaut recounted the eerie phenomenon: “A non-causal situation I have met in space is a knock that appeared from time to time.”
“It neither came from outside nor inside the spaceship, but sounded like someone is knocking the body of the spaceship just as knocking an iron bucket with a wooden hammer.”
Yang was sent into space by the Chinese space program via the Shenzhou 5 mission in 2003. China became the third country to independently send humans into space. During his historic space mission, Yang completed 14 orbits and traveled more than 600,000 km in Earth’s orbit.
Other Chinese astronauts who would later be launched into space after him have also claimed to have heard similar knocking sounds.
“Before entering space, I have told them the sound is a normal phenomenon, so there is no need to worry,” Yang said.
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