Asian American Man Holds Intruders at Gunpoint While Taking Cell Phone Pics

When a group of intruders broke into the home of an Asian American man in Chino Hills, California, he was prepared to take them on. In fact, homeowner Yan Zhang was way too prepared.

According to CNN, not only did he arm himself with a gun, he also managed to open the camera application on his phone and snap photos as the crime unfolded.

Five people reportedly attempted to enter through the back of the house via their balcony. Zhang’s wife and children were also at home during the intrusion. When Zhang first noticed that something was going on, he immediately grabbed his gun and told his wife to hide the kids.

“They were home and then several (suspects) kind of tried to pry the door open, tried to get in,” neighbor Tony Tran told CNN affiliate KTLA“(Zhang) got a gun so he fired a warning shot and was able to apprehend them until the police showed up.”

Impressively, Zhang was able to hold three of the suspects at gunpoint, while the other two ran to escape. Zhang also managed to do what others may find unthinkable to attempt in such situation: snap a cell phone photo during the commotion.

The risky photo shoot captured the perfect moment when the three intruders are lying on the concrete with their faces down and hands up.

Zhang would later post the photos on a Chinese social media site.

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