This 10-Year-Old Girl From China is the Youngest Ever to Hold Grand Master of Memory Title

If you’ve ever had trouble memorizing a phone number because it just had one too many numbers, you’ll be impressed by the 10-year-old Chinese whiz kid who won the 24th World Mental Capacity Tournament in Chengdu.

NetEase via Shanghaiist reports the girl, Yan Jiashou from Jinan city in eastern China’s Shandong Province, was able to memorize 1,080 sequences of numbers and 646 random sequences of poker cards all in an hour.

In 10 events, Yan broke the tournament record with over 3,000 points and beat out competition that included adults.

Yan also won the silver medal in the children’s event and the bronze medal in the poker card event.

She has been crowned with the title of Grand Master of Memory.

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