Yakult Ad Shows How Genius Japanese Students Sneak Snacks During Class

Yakult Ad Shows How Genius Japanese Students Sneak Snacks During ClassYakult Ad Shows How Genius Japanese Students Sneak Snacks During Class
Japanese high school students showcase their ingenious devices that let them stealthily sneak in a bite or two of their favorite snacks during their classes in the latest promotional video from Japanese company Yakult Honsha – or simply known as Yakult.
In the clip, entitled as “Haya-Ben Hackers,” (haya-ben translates to eat your bento (lunchbox) early) students demonstrate their ingenious device, showing how it can help them eat their snack without attracting attention from their teacher.
The first student showcased a rather unique contraption called a “Sleeve Fork,” as what it is called in the press release.
This device simply fools everyone – most notably the teachers – thinking that the student is just simply resting his head on his hand when in reality, there’s actually a spring-loaded mechanism strapped to the arm of the user that feeds him food and quickly retracts after removing the snack from the fork, according to Grapee.
The next device in the video is called a “Moving Text Shield.” It uses a small droid-like robot that drives from one side of the table to another with a book attached on top of it that shields the student from the eyes of the teacher from the front of the class.
The third device featured in the Yakult ad is the “Tabe-Tie,” which is a pun for tabetai that translates to “I want to eat.” This feeding device hides behind the neck tie of the student, and with the push of a button will curl up to feed the student using a fork attached at the tip.
Next up is a device called “Secret Feed Arm.” It essentially feeds the student using a fork, and immediately hides when the teacher looks at the student’s way thanks to the camera sensor equipped to it.
While all devices thus far have a stealth element to them, the fifth device is not exactly unique – It’s a drone that carries the bento of students into the room, which the Yakult ad calls a “Haya-Ben Delivery Drone.”
Lastly, and probably the least stealthy of them all, the “Anpan Pitching Machine.” This one shoots out anpan breads to the whole class with force and precision – and attracts A LOT of attention from the teacher. What’s cool about this device is that it opens the classroom window all on its own before shooting the bread.
Japanese commercials really are something. They’ve been known to make amazing ads, like hand-drawn anime commercials, and even this amazing one featuring Japan’s rock legend Yoshiki Hayashi of X-Japan.
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