21 Ridiculous Yahoo Questions About Asian People That’ll Make You Roll Your Eyes

yahoo questions

Ever wonder what sort of questions people want to ask about Asian people but are too embarrassed to ask an actual Asian person in real life? With Yahoo Answers, you don’t have to. Ranging from embarrassingly tragic to downright racist, here are some of the many burning questions people on the internet have about Asians.

1. This guy’s definitely getting an F…

2. I didn’t get the memo when “Asian” became a language.

3. This question probably could have been answered by a quick Google search but here we are.

4. Maybe because they ARE Asian..?

5. I don’t know, what do you think when you walk by a white person?

6. She’s not being “rasist,” she just wants to be “am asian.”

7. Feeling left out, are we?

8. Why do you care though.

9. Possibly the most ironic thing about this question? The guy who wrote the “Best Answer” is Asian.

10. Common sense? What common sense?

11. “I don’t see much racism towards Asians” – a non Asian person.

12. Like how you would make any other friends.

13. I don’t know but you probably won’t get the answer on Yahoo.

14. “Asian” – introducing the newest color in the rainbow.

15. Thank you Bruce and Mariane for telling us what Asian women like.

16. “Source: Me, Italian with Indian gf, knows what I’m talking about” well that must be legit.

16. Uh oh, did someone forget their yellow fever vaccines?

17. Just disgraceful.

18. Way to generalize there, bud.

19. Thank you for clarifying that this question is indeed “not racist.”

20. OKAY.

21. How do you even come up with these questions?

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