Xzibit Destroys a Girl in One Tweet After She Asks Him to Pimp Her Ride

If you are thinking that it would be cool to ask rapper Xzibit to “pimp” your ride these days, jokingly or otherwise, you’d better think again.

The idea, of course, gives reference to the rapper’s hugely popular but now defunct MTV show “Pimp My Ride,” wherein cars in poor condition were restored and customized for outrageous results.

A Twitter user by the name of Alejandra_OVOXO made the mistake of asking the former TV host via a tweet on March 19 “Can you pimp my ride?

Xzibit replied:

No B*****, shits been over for a decade. Get a job.

Another Twitter user then asked why Xzibit wasn’t “gracious” to his fans:

@xzibit Jesus Christ on a crutch, did you forget to be gracious to your fans? Don’t matter if it’s been 10 yrs, just be cool about it.

The rapper unapologetically advised the critic to mind his own business:

“Oh, come on. I know the difference between a ‘Fan’ and a ‘Troll’ mind your business. #whysoserious”

The show, which ran for six seasons, was one of MTV’s most popular programs worldwide. An expose by Huffington Post last year, however, revealed that most parts of “Pimp My Ride” were staged and that the pimped out cars rarely operated well.

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