Clamp manga classic ‘xxxHolic’ set for live-action film adaptation

Clamp manga classic ‘xxxHolic’ set for live-action film adaptationClamp manga classic ‘xxxHolic’ set for live-action film adaptation
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An official announcement has confirmed that beloved fantasy manga series “xxxHolic” will have a live-action movie adaptation out next year. 
What it’s about: The live-action adaptation of the manga, which was created by all-female artist group Clamp in 2003, is set to release in Japan on April 29, 2022, reported Kotaku.
  • The movie adaptation will feature Ryunosuke Kamiki, who was the voice actor of Taki in the 2016 animated film “Your Name,” as well as Ko Shibasaki, who appeared in the 2000 action-thriller film “Battle Royale” and 2013 American fantasy action film “47 Ronin.” 
  • The story will follow a high school student named Watanuki Kimihiro who is haunted by his ability to see the supernatural. After he meets a mysterious witch named Yuuko Ichihara, she agrees to remove his ability, but in return, Watanuki has to work for her wish-granting shop.
  • The movie will be directed by Mika Ninagawa, who previously directed the 2019 Japanese crime film “Diner.” Erika Yoshida is set to write the script. 
  • “xxxHolic” has previously been adapted into an animated film in 2005, an anime series in 2006, a live-action TV series in 2013 and a stage play in Tokyo this year. 
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