Chinese Toy Company Brings ‘LEGO Brothel’ Into the Market and We Are Confused AF

Chinese toy company, Xingbao, reportedly launched a new controversial set that is now dubbed by the internet as “LEGO Whore House.”

The “LEGO Whore House,” or also referred to as “Yihong Brothel” before it got edited out, is a new toy set developed by Xingbao for its line of products that are “LEGO compatible.”

The knockoff company, according to Shanghaiist, has struck a partnership deal with several adult LEGO enthusiasts for the design of this product. “Yihong Brothel” is part of the company’s Chinese street toy series, as said on the report.

On its promotional product image, the “Yihong Brothel” is expected to come with little male characters, which is believed to be customers of the establishment, and female characters as the entertainment workers of the facility.

Image via Shanghaiist

Interestingly enough, the new version of the promotional image depicts an entirely different product. The name “Yihong Brothel” has been removed from its main advertisement. It’s product title has also been changed to “The Chinese Traditional Architecture Set” that is now seemingly marketed for children six years and older.

Image via Aliexpress

As explained by Brickfanatics, Xingbao decided to tone down the adult nature of the product and change its name to “The Yi-hong Courtyard” on Ali Express. The packaging, however, still contains the original product name “Yihong Brothel” on its front cover.

Featured image via Shanghaiist

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