S’porean Blogger Xiaxue Gets Acid Attack Threat After Dressing Up as Malaysia’s Ex-First Lady

S’porean Blogger Xiaxue Gets Acid Attack Threat After Dressing Up as Malaysia’s Ex-First LadyS’porean Blogger Xiaxue Gets Acid Attack Threat After Dressing Up as Malaysia’s Ex-First Lady
Singaporean blogger
On Monday, the Trump-supporting blogger took to Instagram and Twitter to share a two-second clip of herself as Rosmah Mansor, Malaysia’s former first lady.
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Mansor, wife of former Prime Minister Najib Razak, is known for enjoying the finer things in life, being likened to Marie Antoinette of France and Imelda Marcos of the Philippines.
Earlier this month, she was charged with 17 counts of money-laundering in relation to the 1MDB financial scandal. She is also in the middle of a RM60 million ($14 million) lawsuit after failing to return 44 pieces of jewelry, according to AsiaOne.
Rosmah Mansor. Image via YouTube / MalaysiaGazette TV
In her teaser, Xiaxue is seen wearing a prison jumpsuit while sporting Mansor’s iconic hair under a headscarf.
“Am I prettier than the real Rosmah? Tutorial coming real soon.”
Image via Twitter / @Xiaxue
In an Instagram story, Xiaxue revealed that the look took four hours to complete. She also did the prosthetics herself.
Image via Twitter / @Xiaxue
Xiaxue’s post has received over 100,000 views on Twitter, with viewers having mixed feelings about it.
Some, which she believes to be Mansor supporters, questioned her “right” to do the “disrespectful” look because she is not Malaysian.
Others sent angry messages calling her a “b**ch,” with one even threatening to throw her acid if she ever sets foot in Malaysia.
Responding to the backlash, Xiaxue asked netizens to chill in another Instagram story, adding that she was starting to fear for life.
“Luckily I’m flying now to erm, Barbados… and won’t be back in Singapore again till three months later. Don’t attack me ah my house is empty. Also got CCTV everywhere hor.”
Image via Instagram / @xiaxue
However, Xiaxue seemed undeterred in a new Instagram post, encouraging more hate comments.
“Keep your hate comments coming people! I love any form of attention. I especially appreciate the lengthy Malay comments because I can’t understand them so I imagine you guys are saying I’m so talented and pretty lol!
“I love how stupid people always say the same boring insults… plastic lah, babi lah, Singaporean lah, Chinese lah… erm none of these are insulting? Can try harder not.”
Image via Instagram / @xiaxue
The 34-year-old discouraged people from making the story a “Singapore vs. Malaysia” thing.
“Don’t try to make this a SG vs Malaysia thing. After 1MDB Singaporeans were all rooting for our Malaysian friends during the elections and we cheered together with them when the results came out. Their high spirits of hope and renewed faith was infectious and Singapore felt it too. Disliking the Razaks isn’t equal to disliking Malaysia at all.”
Image via Twitter / @Xiaxue
Despite all the hate, many found Xiaxue’s latest Halloween impression funny.
Xiaxue, who just released the full Halloween video, leaves a message for everyone.
“If you are pissed by a two-second silent preview you’re NOT gonna like the full 10-minute video, this I can promise. I can’t wait to piss the village idiots off more, it’s gonna be so fun!
“For my Malaysian friends and followers who are so excited about this video, this is for you guys, and the cherry on top of the cake is watching the idiotic Najib supporters get hopping mad.”
Watch the video below:
Featured Images via YouTube / Xiaxue (Left) and MalaysiaGazette TV (Right)
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