Brave Little Girl Endures One of The Worst Pains Ever to Save Mom’s Life in China

A brave young girl in China purposely tried to gain weight to make her eligible to donate bone marrow for her sick mother.

Xiao Huixuan is just 8-years-old, but has already taken a massive amount of responsibility on her shoulders. The little girl’s mother, Ba Lili, was diagnosed with leukemia in 2015.

Unfortunately, among all her relatives, Xiao turned out to be the only suitable match. When she learned that she could be a possible donor to save her ailing mother, Xiao did what she had to do.

However, The young girl from Shandong province needed to weigh 30 kg (66 lb) before she could donate. At the moment, after two months of trying to increase her weight, she is at 29 kg.

The courageous little girl underwent bone marrow extraction on Feb. 14 and because of her young age, she had to endure the painful procedure without anesthesia, according to China Daily.

“I tried my best not to cry because my mother would be sad if she heard me crying,” Xiao said. “I will endure all of the agonies as long as my mom can survive. I love my mom, and I have to save her.”

Ba said that after the procedure, she noticed Xuanxuan (a nickname for her daughter) sweating as she tried to put on a brave front. In order to avoid making her mother worry, Xiao assured her that the extraction was not painful.

“Once I told her to be optimistic about life, even if something wrong took place during my surgery. Xuanxuan hugged me and encouraged me to be brave,” Ba said.

Dr. Han Tingting from Peking University People’s Hospital in Beijing said that while she admired Xaio’s courageous attempt to save her mother, she will not initiate any transplant if Xiao’s body fails to meet requirements.

The result from the bone marrow extraction will be out in about two weeks and even then, Xiao might still not be able to donate if some key essentials are not met.

“No matter what the final result is, the girl is very courageous to donate for her mother,” Dr. Han said.

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