Chinese Farmer Builds a Whole ‘Family’ Out of 63 Fully-Functional Robots From Scraps

A Chinese farmer/inventor, who taught himself to build unique operational robots has created an impressive family of machines made entirely from scraps over the last three decades.
For years, Wu Yulu, from Beijing has been developing different types of robots that are able to do a variety of tasks. So far, he has assembled over 60 functional robots that all have their own special abilities. His robots’ abilities range from being able to play Chinese chess, draw stuff and pull him around in a carriage.
According to China News (via Shanghaiist) Wu left school after graduating primary school. Despite having no formal education in engineering and robotics, he was able to build  a fleet of 63 robots as a self-taught inventor.
Wu treats each of his creation as part of his ever-growing family and has even given each of his “children” a name that carries the Wu family name, such as Wu Lao Da, Wu Lao Er, Wu Lao San, and his newest creation Wu Lao Liu Shi San.
His workshop may have birthed creations that look creepy to some, but his creativity and innovation that led to such functional machines are undeniably worthy of praise and admiration.  
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