Viral Chinese Game Company Founder Exposed for Alleged Sexual Comments About Job Applicants

Viral Chinese Game Company Founder Exposed for Alleged Sexual Comments About Job Applicants

August 28, 2020
Feng Ji, the founder of Game Science, the gaming studio behind the highly anticipated game “Black Myth: Wukong,” is under fire for using sexual references in his social media posts.
Feng attracted negative reactions the day after his company released the first gameplay trailer for “Black Myth: Wukong,” according to Inkstone News.
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The founder of the gaming company posted on Weibo that they attracted many job applicants to join Game Science, but then made vulgar remarks about how he had been “licked so much that [he] could no longer get erected” and adding in another post, “Now I feel pressure in my pants!”
His comments ignited gender disparity in the gaming community and led to some people wanting to boycott the game. However, there are those who called out people who got offended by Feng’s message as too “politically correct.”
Heather Lee, a 33-year-old public relations professional in Beijing, who has been a gamer for two decades, described Game Science’s hiring post as “lewd, dirty and vulgar,” and revealing a “sexist company culture.”
“I won’t waste my money on the game unless the game is unprecedentedly brilliant, or the company apologizes wholeheartedly,” Lee told Inkstone News.
Social media users then uncovered Game Science’s problematic 2015 recruitment ads where it depicted a man holding an energy drink can over his genitals. The ads have since been deleted.
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About 46% of today’s gamers in China are women, government agency CGIGC said. Last year, the number of female gamers in the country grew by 3.5% to 300 million.
“How women are treated in the gaming world reflects how women are treated in the larger society,” said 28-year-old gamer Xia Changshen, who encountered rude male players a few weeks ago. “Only when society becomes more equal will female players be treated more as a peer in the gaming world.”
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