Wuhan Resident Taken By Police and Interrogated for Filming Inside Coronavirus Hospital

A Wuhan resident was visited by police and was accused of profiting from a video he took inside a hospital that treats patients infected by the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV).

Fang Bin, a resident of Wuhan, China where the novel coronavirus originated, filmed inside a hospital that treats infected coronavirus patients, according to NBC News.


In the video, Fang shows how patients lie down on trolleys in the hospital corridors as doctors in full-body suits walk around the rooms. Outside, several body bags can be seen inside a funeral parlor van, but it is unclear what remains inside the bags.

Fang was soon visited by the police who demanded that he get medical treatment, but the man kept insisting that his temperature was normal.

“I didn’t endanger people, my temperature is normal. How about you get a warrant?” he told the police. “If you can get one we will follow legal procedures, OK?”

“This is a private residence. You are not allowed to trespass. I have legal protection,” said Fang.

He said the officers forced him into a car and began interrogating him. Fang was also accused of taking money from “anti-China” forces after he published the video. He was reportedly released overnight.

Feature Image Screenshot via NBC News

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