Armless Man Can’t Get a Housing Loan in China Because He Doesn’t Have Fingerprints

Armless Man Can’t Get a Housing Loan in China Because He Doesn’t Have Fingerprints
Ryan General
By Ryan General
November 25, 2016
A Chinese amputee got his housing loan application denied because he won’t be able to provide the required fingerprints.
The 25-year-old man from Henan province named Wu Jianping, did not even have poor credit history and was rejected simply because of his disability, according to China Daily (via Shanghaiist).
Wu was just 5 years old when he lost both his arms after being accidentally electrocuted and severely injured. Challenged with his the loss of his limbs, he grew up making the most of what he had. Over the years he practiced and learned how to write and even sign his name using his mouth.
But while he can provide a signature, he will never be able to produce a fingerprint which is among the requirements needed for a loan. For many banks in China, a mere signature is not legally binding.

“[Fingerprinting is a common practice because signatures can be imitated, but there is no way to copy a fingerprint,” a bank employee was quoted as saying.
Without his fingerprint, Wu got rejected by several banks in Zhengzhou.
Wu’s story could’ve had a terrible ending if it weren’t for the power of social media. Wu’s loan rejections quickly went viral on the Chinese web with many netizens expressing their disappointment and anger.
As if due to a miracle, banks suddenly had a change of heart and began offering help to Wu with his much-needed loan. While netizens celebrated Wu’s success, many expressed that people like Wu should be able to get help even without the internet putting the situation into the limelight.
To ensure the incident does not happen again in the future, the housing management bureau of Zhengzhou said they have crafted a special procedure for people under similar circumstances
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