The World’s Most Luxurious Horse Stable in China is an Epic Palace

The World’s Most Luxurious Horse Stable in China is an Epic Palace
Ryan General
March 22, 2017
A high-end facility in China that houses imported horses has recently become a hot topic on social media after stunning photos of the “palace” emerged online.
The luxurious Heilan Horse Culture Museum, located in Jiangyin, China, also serves as a five-star horse stable, catering to 43 breeds of horses from at least thirty different countries. Such horses would look even better with accessories like those bling browbands.
Impressed netizens noted how the horses are trotting about on marble floors, are surrounded by exquisite statues, and their stables are lit by fancy chandeliers. Each of them is placed in a separate stall, reports Daily Mail.
The museum, which opened last year in May, features dozens of horses that are placed on display for tourists to visit and play with.
The installation, which keeps the animals in a lavishly constructed hall, is reportedly part of the ecological tourist resort project which contains equestrian training facilities and a shopping mall.
While many initially believed that the extravagant palace was located in Dubai, it was clarified later that it was actually a horse museum found only in China.
Netizens, however, are split on their opinion over the luxurious stable. There are those who were impressed by the effort and the money that went into the construction of the stable, while there are those who were skeptical about the intentions of the project.
“Horses are herd animals..they need to be outside in fields with shelter for bad weather only,” a netizen wrote. “This facility in China is cruel and needs to be closed down.”
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