The World’s Largest Pearl Was Just Found in the Philippines

A pearl thought to be the world’s largest has been found in Palawan, Philippines. Apparently, it was kept by a fisherman for years and only recently put on public display.

The fisherman found the gigantic pearl 10 years ago while fishing in the waters of Puerto Princesa, the city capital of Palawan. He then kept it under his bed for “good luck,” not really knowing its economic value.

But good luck has indeed come because the fisherman has not signed any donation to the city so the pearl “remains his property,” information officer Richard Ligad said via Interaksyon.

The pearl measures 30 x 60 cm (12 x 24 inches) and weighs 34 kg, or just under 75 pounds. It is expected to beat the current record-holder, the “Pearl of Allah/Lao Tzu”, which weighs 6.4 kg, BBC noted.

The Pearl of Allah/Lao Tzu was found in the 1930s, also in Palawan. Because gemologists appraised it at tens of millions of dollars, the new pearl looks to be a really good catch.

For now, the new pearl sits comfortably in the atrium of the New Green City Hall in Puerto Princesa, making its days under the bed finally over.

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