The World’s Most Expensive Trip Will Fly You Around the World For $14 Million

The World’s Most Expensive Trip Will Fly You Around the World For $14 Million

January 23, 2017
The world’s most expensive trip begins in August and there’s a whole lot in store for those who can afford it.
Launched by experiential travel boutique DreamMaker, the trip called “Passport to 50” will tour 20 cities in 20 days, circumnavigating the globe via two privately outfitted Boeing 767 jets. According to a press release, it is “a milestone celebration for the billionaire client” and up to 50 companions boarding the second jet.
“Passport to 50” will cover 50,000 kilometers of aerial distance. Overall, guests will spend 88% of their time on the ground and 12% in the air.
The trip kicks off in Koh Samui, Thailand, and moves to Siem Reap, Cambodia; Kathmandu, Nepal; Agra, India; Florence, Italy; Siena, Italy; Cannes, France; Moulinet, France; London, the U.K.; Barcelona, Spain; Ibiza, Spain; Marbella, Spain; Marrakech, Morocco; Havana, Cuba; Knoxville, Tennessee; Kona, Hawaii; El Nido, the Philippines; “A Secret Island”; before ending in Manila, the Philippines.
“Passport to 50” costs $13,875,000 and whoever accompanies a ticket buyer must be ridiculously lucky. DreamMaker founder and experience designer Gregory Patrick said:
“Since 1988, we have been setting benchmarks in the experiential travel space worldwide. In 2017, we will be the first to introduce Experiential Aviation as the pinnacle of private aviation.”
So what exactly happens during the trip? Everything luxury and above: highlights include a one-to-one ratio of guest to staff, a $500,000 charity poker tournament with the world’s top-ranked poker player, an in-flight yoga session, a fashion show and a Master Sommelier.
In addition, 50 “hand-picked” professionals will be at the guests’ disposal.
Guests will likely spend their airtime relaxing with hypnotherapist April Norris on board. Apparently, she is set to develop a “holistic” program that pairs wearable sleep technology with alternative wellness techniques, including hypnotherapy, Reiki healing, Ayurvedic medicine and the attention of a Doctor of Acupuncture.
“It is irrelevant how big and beautiful your private jet is if you are unable to relax comfortably or get the required amount of sleep on the plane,” Patrick added.
London’s Hotel 41 will also rebrand its identity to “Hotel 50” to accommodate the guests. It will even chip out its marble tile in the foyer and opt for other options such as a ceramic tile, supply newly-monogrammed bath and bed linens and raise a “Hotel 50” flag.
Guests can also expect 50 monks blessings them in the middle of 50,000 lotus petals.
If these features aren’t fancy enough, consider the trip’s most luxurious amenity — a set of 18-karat gold swizzle sticks from the World of Diamonds Group, the mining conglomerate behind the 2.08-carat Fancy Vivid Blue Jane Seymour diamond ring offered in last year’s $2 million-dinner in Singapore and the world’s most expensive perfume collection in 2015.
The swizzle sticks, set with white and blue diamonds, costs $1,000,000. Twenty white sparklers representing the trip’s city landings are crafted into a spinning globe above them. One rare blue diamond that “evokes the blue skies traversed” on the trip seats in full glory atop the globe.
World of Diamonds Group Director Karan Tilani said, “DreamMaker’s commission demonstrates our expertise in creating spectacularly bespoke pieces out of fancy colored diamonds.”
“Passport to 50” is not just for the ultra-rich, as it hopes to help kids around the world through “Experiential Giving.” This includes distributing 2,500 bicycles to rural children in Cambodia, providing clean drinking water for at-risk children in the Philippines and building “fun centers” for children with life-threatening conditions in the U.K.
What could be more fabulous?!
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