Cat in Tokyo Develops Epic ‘Resting Bitch Face’ After Surviving a Year in a Shelter

Cat in Tokyo Develops Epic ‘Resting Bitch Face’ After Surviving a Year in a Shelter
Ryan General
By Ryan General
September 21, 2017
Cats are known for their general apathy and, at times, mostly grumpy behavior, which makes them somewhat endearing to humans.
Yet, there is one particular female cat in Tokyo which seems to have raised her crankiness to a whole new level after reportedly being stuck in a shelter for over a year.
Meet Shamo, a seemingly pissed off feline who has earned the unfortunate misnomer “The World’s Angriest Cat” due to the permanent scowl on her face. 
Rencontrer Mignon, an animal rescue group in Tokyo, rescued her from the city animal care center last year so she could get a chance to find a loving home, according to LoveMeow.
But is it just a case of Shamo being angry with the world or does she just need some love and a welcoming home to bring her old smiling self back? Being the oldest cat in the rescue may also be the reason why she appears to be unsure and shy.
Unfortunately, her “resting bitch face” has so far kept homes from adopting her.
To help find Shamo the perfect home, the staff at the rescue shelter set up her own page on the shelter’s website. They also made her a Twitter account to show that despite her angry facade, Shamo is undeniably adorable and has a unique appeal.
Judging by the photos, it shows that she is a friendly feline who loves to cuddle.
See how she keeps her frown while she plays with a new toy.
Or even while resting on a cozy bed.
Hopefully, people can get over their fears of being mauled in their sleep by a misunderstood cat so that Shamo can get adopted soon.
Pet lovers who are interested in taking Shamo home and giving her the love she deserves may contact Rencontrer Mignon for more information.
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