World’s #1 YouTuber Breaks Down After BTS Unfollows Him on Twitter

K-pop band and recent Billboard Music Award winners BTS unfollowed Swedish YouTube gamer PewDiePie on Twitter and everything hurts, at least for him.

After YouTube’s biggest star uploaded a video on his channel on May 17, jokingly titled “My Coming Out Story”, where he expresses his deep appreciation for the K-pop group’s good looks and dance moves, BTS apparently clicked the “unfollow” button.

PewDiePie, whose real name is Felix Kjellberg, followed up with a response on Wednesday, titled “The most hurtful video…”, in which he reacts to getting unfollowed by the K-pop group.

Why did you follow me in the first place?? BTS unfollowed me on Twitter. Words can’t hurt me anymore. I am already broken and I can’t be fixed,” he said as he poured water on himself in the hilarious video, which you can check out below.

PewDiePie also took to Twitter to reply to the band under a video of Park Jimin and let his feelings be known.

He even offered BTS a frisbee if they follow him back.

We feel you, Pewds! We would break down, too.

h/t: Allkpop

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