80% of Singaporeans Enjoy Being Workaholics, Survey Says

A recent survey revealed that an overwhelming majority of Singaporean workers enjoy being workaholics and are satisfied with their work-life balance.

The study, conducted by recruitment agency Michael Page involved an extensive survey of 1,328 working professionals from various job levels in Singapore, reports The Straits Times.

Based on the findings from the Singapore Work Happy Survey 2019, an astounding 80% of the participants said they are happy with their balance of work and life, while the remaining 20% say they are unhappy. 

The survey also shed some light on Singapore’s excessive work culture, with 70% of the people surveyed saying they continue working even after work hours by either answering phone calls or replying to emails.

According to 84% of them, they do so because it is part of their job requirement.

For half of the respondents, work tools and devices provided by their companies impacted them positively as these allowed them to have flexible work arrangements.

According to Michael Page Singapore managing director Nilay Khandelwal, it is a must for companies to implement work-life balance policies and provide tools to allow this if they intend to attract new talent.

“Work-life balance is an essential consideration for all professionals in Singapore. Success at work is now defined by what you can achieve both in and out of the office,” he was quoted as saying. 

The survey has indeed proven the importance of a flexible working environment, with 55% of respondents attesting to it, while 39% claiming this is key in becoming more productive and 6% saying this allows them to spend more time with their families.

Interestingly, even with such flexibility offered, 91% admit that they spend less than an hour a day on personal stuff, as they still prefer focusing on their job.

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