Homeless Man Returns a Wallet Full of Cash, Gets a Life-Changing Reward

Homeless Man Returns a Wallet Full of Cash, Gets a Life-Changing Reward
Ryan General
September 5, 2016
A homeless man in Thailand could have run off with a wallet filled with cash and would have gotten away with it, but he chose to do the right thing instead.
The honest 45-year-old street-dweller, identified only as Woralop, only had around 20 baht ($0.58) when he reportedly found a dropped wallet with an ID, some cards and about 20,000 baht ($577) in cash. He immediately searched for the wallet’s owner but was unable to find him in the crowded street.
Woralop then went to the local police station and sought assistance from authorities, RocketNews24 reported. The man who had virtually nothing under his name turned over the wallet to the police with everything in it intact.
The local police were able to track down the owner and the wallet was returned to 30-year-old Nitty Pongkriangyos, a factory owner.
Nitty expressed that it was the type of honesty that he was looking for in an employee, so he offered the poor man a job at his company. His girlfriend also shared the inspiring story of the honest homeless man on Facebook, along with their photo together.
Woralop, who has accepted the factory owner’s offer, is now earning a good salary and enjoying the free accommodation provided by the company. The story of his kindness and the factory owner’s generosity has since gone viral on social media and local news.
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