Asian Shoppers Reportedly Kicked Out of Store in Australia for Recording Abusive Tirade

Asian Shoppers Reportedly Kicked Out of Store in Australia for Recording Abusive Tirade

July 6, 2020
A group of Asian shoppers was allegedly kicked out of a Woolworths store in Adelaide, Australia after receiving an angry tirade from another customer.
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What happened: The incident, which was caught on video, shows a White customer yelling expletives at the group and demanding them to stop filming her.
  • What caused the altercation is unclear as the video begins with the woman already screaming at the camera. According to the Asian shoppers, the woman had been following and swearing at them. On the other hand, the woman claimed that the group followed her up an escalator.
  • “Absolute s***! F*** off! Stop your filming, a**hole,” the woman yells. “Who the hell do you think you are? You don’t film people! Who the f*** do you think you are?”
  • A few Woolworths employees intervened in the situation, but only to stop the group from filming. One female worker is heard saying, “This is a private property. You cannot film in here.”
  • Shortly after, a male employee comes forward and says, “You’re not allowed to film.” Another female employee then tells the group, “You’re just gonna have to stop.”
  • It appears that the group found an ally in another customer, who walks away with them and says “This is bulls***. This is not fair, what you’re receiving. I’m with you, alright?”

The aftermath: Since the Asian shoppers refused to stop filming, it is believed that they were “kicked out” of the supermarket.
  • The video has been posted on various social media platforms, where many slammed Woolworths for the way its employees handled the incident.
  • “Please explain why your staff kicked out an Asian family who were being verbally abused in your store instead of the verbal abuser? They were more concerned about them filming to protect themselves than addressing the racist abuse. Please share this as I think people need to be held accountable for such atrocious behaviour!” one Facebook user demanded.
  • A YouTube user weighed in: “I am from Adelaide. I shop here, or I used to now. This is absolutely disgusting. I am so sorry that the people in this video were treated this way. The woman yelling and the staff are unacceptable.”
  • While another user commented, “Woolworths is a Public listed company it’s not private property! I know this because I trade on the markets.”
  • A Woolworths spokesperson confirmed that the company is aware of the incident. They also defended the employees’ actions.
  • “Our store team did their best to defuse the dispute in difficult circumstances and subsequently called police to the scene. If the customer wishes to make a complaint about the conduct of the other customer to police, we will assist with their inquiries,” the spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia.
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