Man Makes Homemade Wontons, Makes a Crucial Mistake Dishonoring Ancestors

Man Makes Homemade Wontons, Makes a Crucial Mistake Dishonoring Ancestors
Ryan General
By Ryan General
October 10, 2019
Leo Liu and his brother learned how to make wontons and dumplings from their parents when they were children. 
So, when his brother invited him one evening to prepare “as many wontons as possible for later,” Leo obliged.  
“When I came downstairs, he had laid out a bunch of wonton wrappers with the filling placed on each one,” he told NextShark. “In my mind, I thought, ‘Hey that is cool’ and started wrapping with him.” 
The 25-year-old software engineer based in the Seattle area also proudly posted an image of their work in progress on the Facebook group Subtle Asian Traits.
“We quickly realized that there was too much filling on them, so we grabbed more wrappers and started to take half of the filling from each wonton and wrapped them,” Leo said.
He shared that they were left with a sizable amount of uncooked wontons laying around afterward. 
“So, do we just put them in a plastic bag to freeze? We shrugged and placed all the wontons into the bag to freeze and store for tomorrow’s dinner.”
Leo only realized their mistake the next day when he took the solid block of wontons out of the freezer.
Needless to say, many poked fun at the results. Based on the comments, it appears the mistake is not that uncommon after all —  THE WONTONS HAVE TO FREEZE SPREAD OUT FIRST!
After learning his lesson, Leo is now ready to give advice on how to properly store wontons:
“If you ever overcook the wontons (like I did), let them cool off overnight in the fridge and recook them on a pan to make some awesome wonton potstickers! You can’t go wrong with wonton potstickers. It will turn that pile of mush into something nice and crispy!” he explained.
“It will take some patience and practice to wrap wontons quickly. Just keep in mind that not all wontons will turn out perfect. So long as you can accept that, you can zone out and chat with the people you are making wontons with. That is, in my opinion, the best part of the wonton production experience.”
Featured Image via Facebook / Leo Liu
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