Wong Fu’s Philip Wang Proposes to Asian Boss Girl’s Helen Wu at Her Childhood Home

Wong Fu’s Philip Wang Proposes to Asian Boss Girl’s Helen Wu at Her Childhood Home
Ryan General
November 18, 2019
Philip Wang of Wong Fu Productions and Helen Wu of Asian Boss Girl are officially engaged.
Both Wang and Wu made separate announcements about their milestones on their Instagram accounts yesterday.
“Everything I’ve learned about love and relationships has led me to you. Everything I’ve yet to learn.. will be with you,” Wang wrote in the caption pertaining to his fiancée.
“(Helen Wu) @hwuwu and I have got a LOT to update y’all on 🤗,” he added, teasing their followers on future announcements. 
Wu’s post gave more details on when and where Wang actually popped the question.
“Happiest moment of my life!!!,” Wu wrote. “💍✨ In the backyard of my childhood home – a place where I played, danced, DREAMED. Philip popped out of a shed.. shedding tears (lol) and got down on one knee. Surrounded by family and friends, I SAID YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🥰🥰🥰 all of this feels so surreal. My heart is filled with ABUNDANCE and LOVE for everything that has happened (the good and the challenging) to lead up to this point. As I continue to grow into my own skin, Philip, you’ve never wavered in finding beauty in my imperfections and believing in me more than I’ve ever believed in myself. You give me hope, strength, and excitement for life. You’re the best man I could ever ask for. You are my home away from home. I cannot wait to grow old with you and all your inevitable dad jokes. I love you so so so so SO much!!!!!!!!!! 11/15/19 – My PHILANCÉ!!!”
In their separate endeavors, one as a podcast host and another as a creator of YouTube content, both Wu and Wang have been known to promote cultural awareness and Asian representation in media.
Their work has earned each of them a sizeable following through the years on social media among the Asian American community and beyond.
According to Wu, the podcast she shares with Melody Cheng and Janet Wang is intended to serve as a platform for Asian Americans to tell their stories.
“It’s easy to see all Asian Americans as one type, or to fit into one category, but this isn’t true,” Wu explains in her bio. “We have unique experiences that distinguish us: different nationalities, religions, ethnicities, and a variety of education levels and socioeconomic statuses.”
Meanwhile, Wang’s Wong Fu Productions team has become recognized as among the pioneers of creating high-quality original content on YouTube and trailblazers for other Asian American creators.
“We always tried to focus on good storytelling and improving our craft,” Wang told NBC last year. “Back then, since people didn’t know what YouTube was or what it could be. It brought in only people who saw it as a tool and wanted to share their work. Now there’s an expectation of what YouTube can provide: millions of followers and millions of dollars, a whole business. The culture has changed and we weren’t part of that, but I’m glad because we stayed focused to use it as a platform to tell our stories.”
While Wu hinted on her post that she got engaged with her “PHILANCÉ” on Friday, the pair has yet to announce when they will officially tie the knot.
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