Women in Thailand Are Now Getting $1,500 Surgery for ‘3D Vaginas’

Women in Thailand Are Now Getting $1,500 Surgery for ‘3D Vaginas’Women in Thailand Are Now Getting $1,500 Surgery for ‘3D Vaginas’
A surgical procedure that promises fuller, plumper and younger-looking vaginas has gone viral on Thai social media.
Word started spreading when an employee at Lelux Hospital in Thailand’s Nonthaburi City posted before-and-after illustrations of the surgery and a preop patient on Facebook last week.
The procedure, marketed as “3D Vagina,” reportedly injects the patient’s own body fat into her mons pubis, the rounded eminence of fatty tissue that covers the pubic bone.
The post has been shared at least 13,400 times since its posting.
While many seemed to be scratching their heads at the idea, some actually expressed interest and may soon be headed for consultation.
It is understood that patients will undergo liposuction to get their own fat prior to “3D Vagina.”
The Lelux employee claimed that the procedure is “safe” and poses “no danger,” but best take this with a grain of salt. It reportedly costs 50,000 Thai baht ($1,500).
Thailand’s “3D Vagina” reminds us of India’s booming industry for “designer vaginas,” an umbrella of procedures that include “revirginization” and “vaginal rejuvenation.”
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