Woman’s Car Hit and Spit On in Racist Attack While Out Shopping at Target in Hayward

A California woman was racially harassed while out shopping with her mother in Hayward, CA, on Saturday evening.

Facebook user Min To claims she was out with her mother at Target when was verbally assaulted in a racially motivated attack on the evening of May 2, according to her public post which has since been deleted.

In her post, Min To said she was playing with her phone while waiting for her mom “in the car while she was trying to get some groceries” at a store next to Target. Suddenly, the brother of the woman in the picture opened a rear door of their car and hit Min To’s car hard on purpose. The woman, seen in the picture, then told her to go back to China.

“I said I don’t even have a Chinese passport. I’m not from China,” the Facebook user said. “Then she said she doesn’t care about Chinese or Vietnamese, etc.”

“OK, I can feel the tension of discrimination against Chinese/Asian community these days but this is the first time I actually got attacked,” she added. “Coronavirus is no one’s wrong. Please STOP doing this to us!!!”

In the comments, several users claimed the story was fake while others resorted to leaving racist comments targeting the Black woman. The post was eventually removed from Facebook Monday night.

NextShark has reached out to Min To for further comment.

Feature Image via Min To

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