Woman Who Tried to Sell Daughter to Strangers Gets Over $200,000

Woman Who Tried to Sell Daughter to Strangers Gets Over $200,000Woman Who Tried to Sell Daughter to Strangers Gets Over $200,000
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Last week, we reported on a story of a women out in Fuzhou, China who tried to sell her daughter on the streets in order raise roughly $15,7340 for her husband’s medical bills.
The woman’s husband, Zhou Guixing, got into a bad accident during work after falling from a scaffolding on a third floor. Doctors said he needed surgery but would not operate until payment was made. With nowhere near the amount of money needed for the surgery, the couple felt that selling one of their daughters was their only option. They failed to find a buyer and only raised 700 RMB (roughly $113.12) from sympathetic people who passed by.
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Well folks, it appears that there’s a happy ending to all of this. According to the Shanghaiist, the women received 1.27 million RMB (roughly $204,000) in donations from over 3,000 donors after media outlets published her story with her bank information. The biggest donation was $100,000 from a man in Guandong, who chose to remain anonymous. Zhou told multiple reporters the following:

“Please tell everyone not to give me any more money … On December 15, when the first 100,000 yuan came in, we told reporters to spread the information that we didn’t need any more donations, since we already had enough money for the treatment.”

After surgery, Zhou immediately went to the bank in his wheelchair to close his account to stop further donations from coming in.

“It’s not easy for anyone to make money. This [donated money] has all been hard earned by others.”

The couple plans to donate almost half of their donations to charity and have reportedly already given 500,000 RMB (roughly $80,000) to the Red Cross.
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