Woman Tries to Put Fake Parking Ticket on Her Car so Cops Won’t Give Her a Real One

A woman from Suzhou city, western Shanghai was caught red handed putting a fake parking ticket on her car so that cops wouldn’t give her a real one.

In the dash cam footage uploaded online by Knews, the woman can clearly be seen putting the fake parking ticket on her car window.

Little did she know, the car that she parked in front of was actually a police car, and — more importantly — its dash cam was on and recording at the time, according to Shanghaiist.

Unfortunately, the cop in charge of the vehicle soon stepped in to check the paper that the woman left on her car window.

Upon inspection, the ticket’s date was surprisingly accurate, but the other contents in the paper were wrong.

After returning to her car, the police confronted the woman, where he gave her a lecture about parking legally as well as not forging police documents. He then handed her a fine, which was not revealed in the report.

Honestly, this would’ve worked – probably – if the cop wasn’t there and if the dash cam was not recording.

Images via Knews

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