Woman Kills Puppy After Throwing It When She Can’t Get a Refund

Woman Kills Puppy After Throwing It When She Can’t Get a RefundWoman Kills Puppy After Throwing It When She Can’t Get a Refund
Carl Samson
February 12, 2019
A woman in South Korea has the regret of her life after throwing a Maltese puppy to death out of frustration.
According to reports, the woman bought the three-month-old Maltese from a pet shop in Gangneung, Gangwon province.
When the puppy ate its own waste, the woman thought it was sick and assumed that the pet shop had duped her into buying an ill pet.
She then asked for a refund over the phone, but the pet shop owner rejected her request and became upset when she accused him of scamming her.
Seven hours after the purchase, the woman stormed the pet shop with her husband and sought a refund, YTN News reported.
However, the owner remained firm that she will not be refunded because issues related to food are not covered in the 10-day warranty contract.
Frustrated, the woman threw the Maltese to the ground to its death.
The puppy died the following day due to cerebral hemorrhage, Dispatch reported.
The pet shop owner contacted the woman with plans to file a suit, but she only shrugged it off and replied that she is “sorry for all the puppies sold there.”
However, the woman’s tone changed as soon as the pet shop owner released the CCTV footage. Speaking to Yonhap News, she explained that she only threw the puppy because she was upset.
“The owner said he could give me a refund but he didn’t want to because he was upset (with me), so I threw it out of anger,” the woman said, according to Allkpop. “I didn’t know it would actually die.”
The following day, she came to her senses and realized the gravity of her actions.
“The next day, I calmed down and I sent a lengthy text message, apologizing to the owner and the puppy. I was shocked to hear the puppy has died. I’m very apologetic to the puppy and I’m regretful of my actions.”
She vowed to compensate for her actions by volunteering.
“I don’t think I could forgive myself. I admit I’ve done something worthy of criticism. I don’t want to blow things up anymore. I will reflect on my actions for the rest of my life and will volunteer at stray dog shelters.”
The pet shop owner will reportedly push forward with a lawsuit against the woman.
Images via YouTube / Yonhap News
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