Racist Woman Tells Asian Man ‘Have a Nice Trip Back to China’ at SFO

An Asian man recorded what he said was a racist encounter with a woman while he and his children were checking in at the San Francisco International Airport.

“Bumped into this racist lady at SFO where she said (in front of my kids) ‘Hope you have a nice trip back to China’. SMH,” Robert Ng wrote in a Facebook post on Sunday.

“Please don’t take my picture, I’ll have to report you,” the woman starts off before admitting that she did say something racist.

The father of two, who was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, asked the woman to repeat her racist remarks.

“I hope you have a nice trip back to China,” she said with a smirk.

In the comments, Ng explained what started the encounter:

“Yes she accused me of cutting even though I hopped in a different line. A white dad did the same thing but there was no ‘outrage.’ I calmly and politely disagreed with her. Perhaps because she was losing the argument or she couldn’t believe an Asian guy would stand his ground, she resorted to racism.”

The video has garnered more than 470,000 views and over 8,000 shares, with Facebook users calling the woman an “idiot” and an “assh*le.”

“Just made this post public for now to show the world that we are NOT in a post-racial America, even for Asian Americans,” Ng commented.

Featured Image via Facebook / Robert Ng

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