Woman Plans to Sue Fitness Club After Her Child Defecates in the Pool

Woman Plans to Sue Fitness Club After Her Child Defecates in the PoolWoman Plans to Sue Fitness Club After Her Child Defecates in the Pool
The mother of a young boy who defecated in the pool of a
Case number two: Back in August, a seven-year-old boy was captured on surveillance camera pooping in the water of a pool inside a fitness club in Huhhot, Global Times reported.
  • Swimmers were shocked to notice the floating feces on the water and alerted management.
  • The establishment’s manager, surnamed Shi, checked the CCTV footage and found the boy doing his business at the pool’s edge. 
  • According to the boy’s mother, whose last name is Liu, her son badly needed to defecate but there was no available lifeguard to assist him. The sole lifeguard on duty was attending to an injured child at the same time the incident occurred.
  • As seen in the footage that has emerged on social media, the boy was alone when he defecated in the water.
Waste of money: Shi revealed that his business lost a total of 30,000 yuan ($4,380), including 16,000 yuan ($2,337) for the 400 cubic meters of water that the boy contaminated with his stool as well as potential revenue after the pool had to be shut down for five days. 
  • When asked to pay 15,000 yuan ($2,190) in compensation for the lost business, the boy’s parents said they were only willing to pay 2,000 yuan ($292). 
  • “The gym is mostly responsible for the incident, they can’t blame the whole thing on a child,” Liu told the local press.
  • She added that the incident has traumatized her son who now reportedly cries whenever people talk about going swimming with him.
  • Liu said the family is set to sue the pool’s management for being unable to prevent the incident. 
  • Chinese social media users are split on the issue with some blaming the parents for failing to teach the boy on how to get to the toilet by himself, while others pinned the blame on the gym for not taking responsibility in watching over the boy while using their facilities. 
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