Woman Steals 2 Cents From Her Classmate — What She Does Next Will Melt Your Heart

How far would you go to right a wrong you committed as a child? One Chinese woman went so far as tracking down her classmate from elementary school so that she could give her 10,000 yuan ($1,535) as restitution for the 10 Chinese cents she stole from her decades ago.

The Zhejiang province woman, who was identified only by her surname, Shi, stole the change from Xu Guanghong’s pencil case over 40 years ago because she was hungry and wanted to buy pancakes, Qianjiang Evening News reported (via South China Morning Post).

Shi, who is from China’s Zhejiang province, said she had felt guilt about her petty theft ever since as Xu had wept after she found her money gone. She began her decades-long search for Xu after graduating from high school.

Shi was finally able to locate Xu in a local government office on Sunday after she talked to one of Xu’s former co-workers.

She attempted to give Xu 10,000 yuan and also apologized for taking her coins as a child, but Xu refused to take her money and told Shi that she should not have carried guilt over her actions for so long.

Xu said she was happy to see her childhood classmate again, although she failed to recognize Shi at first and had already forgotten the childhood incident.

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