Woman Stabs Chinese Urban Officer in the Neck With a Street Food Skewer

Woman Stabs Chinese Urban Officer in the Neck With a Street Food Skewer
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By Khier Casino
January 20, 2017
An urban management officer, known as a chengguan in China, was stabbed in the neck with a candied tanghulu fruit skewer after trying to shut down a vendor selling the sweet treat in Chongqing, where it is prohibited.
Instead of just ceasing business, the 45-year-old woman decided to defend her spot on the square, resorting to physically attacking one of the officers and stabbing him directly in the throat with one of her fruit sticks, according to Shanghaiist.
Graphic photos of the incident, which have gone viral on Chinese social media this week, shows the stunned male chengguan being helped by his fellow officers, while the sharp object protruded from his neck.
While it was only a minor injury, there was serious damage done to his thyroid, according to CGTN.
The woman was arrested by police for assaulting the young man, and an investigation is ongoing.
But this is not a street vendor’s first brush with the public security officers in China.
Some chengguan officers have received heavy criticism for their authoritarian personality, including verbal abuse or use of force.
Last July, a watermelon vendor in Zhengyang, Henan Province, stabbed and killed a local chengguan agent after a fight broke out over confiscated goods, which sparked widespread outrage.
A similar incident occurred in 2015, when a Dalian strawberry vendor fatally stabbed a chengguan officer for trying to end his business.
In September 2013, a street vendor selling kebab was put to death in Shenyang, in Liaoning Province, after killing an officer following a heated dispute.
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