Woman Slaps Man Who Gropes Her on Escalator, Drags Him to the Police in China

Khier Casino
May 4, 2017
One woman in China chose to stand up to a pervert who grabbed her on an escalator by slapping him in the face and dragging him to the authorities in Nanning metro station on Tuesday.
Surveillance footage shows the creep standing behind the woman holding a green suitcase on an escalator shows him reaching out to touch her backside, according to Shanghaiist.
However, she wasn’t going to let the guy get away that easily as she quickly turns around and slaps him.
Check out the video below:
The woman can then be seen grabbing the pervert by the shirt and dragging him to the police.
I was ready to exit the subway and the woman appeared in front of me,” said the man said, according to Daily Mail. “I just touched her once on the bum. Then she said this is an obscenity and dragged me to the police.
I was on the escalator and he stood behind me. He grabbed my buttocks so I hit him,” the woman explained.
After she told the officers what had transpired on the elevator, the man was detained for further questioning.
The video has since gone viral on Chinese social media with netizens praising the woman for fighting back, but maybe she could have hit him a bit harder.
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