Woman in Singapore Asks For Extra Lettuce on Her Big Mac, McDonald’s Does Not Disappoint

When Singaporean Ariel Chua requested for some extra lettuce for her McDonald’s burger, she wasn’t expecting that the restaurant would be “very” generous about it.

In a Twitter post, Ariel documented her experience in a McDonald’s restaurant in Singapore. She posted a couple of photos showing her order transaction and the big surprise at the end.

It can be seen from the photos that Ariel requested “Extra 1 Lettuce” for her take out order. And after opening her cheeseburger, she found it stuffed with a “forest” of extra lettuce.

“Literally what the hell McDonalds this isn’t a bit of extra lettuce this is a forest LMAO HAHAHAHA,” she wrote.

After telling her funny experience with McDonald’s, Ariel’s tweet was shared nearly 3,000 times.

Well, it’s always good to know when restaurants are being nice to their customers. So, big props to McDonald’s SG for being so lavish with their lettuce.

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