Asian Woman Shot in Struggle for Louis Vuitton Bag Against Robbers in SF

Asian Woman Shot in Struggle for Louis Vuitton Bag Against Robbers in SF

April 22, 2021
An Asian woman and her boyfriend suffered minor injuries after being targeted by robbers in Portola, San Francisco in broad daylight.
The incident, which was caught on video, occurred while the couple was walking along Silliman and Gottingen Streets after going to a mechanic this week.
One of the two male suspects attempts to snatch Lisa’s bag. Lisa’s boyfriend is seen running to her aid. Image Screenshot via Dion Lim (@dionlimtv)
In the video, the woman, identified as Lisa, can be seen struggling to save her Louis Vuitton bag from one of the two male suspects.
The man threatens to shoot her and eventually does, but only with what she thinks might be “a fake gun or a BB gun of some sort,” according to ABC7 News anchor Dion Lim.
The suspects fail to steal Lisa’s bag and escape in a black Mercedes. Image Screenshot via Dion Lim (@dionlimtv)
Lisa suffered a twisted ankle, while her boyfriend sustained an abrasion from an unknown object on his chest.
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The video shows the suspects speeding off in a black Mercedes after the attack.
Lisa believes she was targeted for being Asian. She has since reported the incident to police, who also found evidence of casings, Lim noted.
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The attack has drawn mixed reactions on Instagram.
“You don’t think that maybe she was targeted for the expensive bag she was carrying around and not because she’s Asian?” one user questioned.
Another commented, “This would happen if California doesn’t make laws that protect criminals and actually punishes them.”
Featured Image Screenshots via Dion Lim (@dionlimtv)
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