Woman Desperately Searches for Stranger She Thinks is ‘the One’ After 10-Hour Flight

Woman Desperately Searches for Stranger She Thinks is ‘the One’ After 10-Hour Flight
Jin Hyun
March 29, 2019
For a 21-year-old Seattle-based, Filipino business student, Jomaica Alfiler, love is in the air — quite literally.
She met the man on a connecting flight back to Seattle, following a 6-day vacation in Portugal. When she arrived at her seat, the two exchanged smiles and he even helped her with her luggage.
Alfiler told the Daily Mail, “I had small luggage with me that I had to put above the compartment before I sat down. He offered to help me out but I insisted on trying to do it myself because I’m a strong independent woman. In the end he helped me anyway because I was too short to even reach it – I’m 5’1′.”
While the female student fell asleep for the first few hours of the flight, the two later engaged in small talk. During the flight this “good looking young man” asked Alfiler if she was cold so he could offer her his blanket as he was not using it himself.
According to the Daily Mail, Alfiler attempted to drop hints, hoping to start a conversation with the man sitting next to her, but to no avail. She said, “I also purposely didn’t use my headphones while I was watching a movie and just turned on the subtitles in the hope he would talk to me, but he didn’t. Maybe he was shy, too.”
Unfortunately, while Alfiler felt a connection with this man, she later realized that she forgot to get his full name and contact. However, she does remember details about her mystery man.
“Perhaps he was a college student?,” she explained to the Daily Mail. “I remember that he had a little bit of an accent -maybe British – and was on his phone a lot as well.”
According to Alfiler, “He was a good looking young man and was clean cut, had dark hair, and was around 5’8 – 5’9… He was probably in his twenties. I believe he was wearing black Adidas NMD shoes and a silver/grey back pack, with an orange shirt and jeans.”
After her flight, the student reached out to Lufthansa on Facebook in an attempt to track down her in-flight companion.
She wrote, “Hi Lufthansa, I was on flight LH490 today from Frankfurt to Seattle. I sat in 43A next to the window and there was a lovely gentleman sitting right next to me in 43B aisle. He was so kind to me and he helped me with my luggage and also he kept ordering gin and tonic about 6 times during the whole flight.”
“We were sitting next to each other for the whole 10 hours flight however, I didn’t get his full name and contact. This is why I’m reaching out to you because I haven’t stopped thinking about him since the plane landed. Please hear me out and reach out to him for me please. I don’t know when will I ever see him again or did I miss my chance?”
Unfortunately, the airline was unable to help Alfiler in her quest for love due to data protection laws. They replied, “As much as we would like to help, our hands are tied here due to data protection. However, we as Social Media Team hope that this story has a happy end! Fingers crossed karma is on your site [sic] and you will see him again. Remember: You always meet twice!”
Since then, the student has shared a Facebook post, with a screenshot of Lufthansa’s heartbreaking response, writing, “Hi, i was traveling from Frankfurt to Seattle and i sat right next to a lovely gentleman on the plane but i forgot to get his full name and contact so i emailed Lufthansa and this is what they said.”
Her story has since been shared to a global audience and the search for the mystery man continues.
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