Woman’s Incredible Mom Reflexes Save Child from Falling Over Ledge


A viral video taken in Malaysia shows the moment a mother narrowly saves her child from falling off a ledge. 

In the viral video, posted online by Twitter user 999 Malaysia, a mother and her child can be seen walking out of the elevator, however, the woman is preoccupied with something as her child darts straight to a ledge.

Moments later, the child trips while peering over. The mother quickly jumps into action and grab the child’s ankle before falling completely over.

A man in the video quickly runs downstairs presumably to catch the child in case the mother loses her grip, World of Buzz reported. However the woman manages to pull her child up while office staff begin to rush over to help.

It wasn’t exactly clear where and when this was taken, but the tweet has been viewed over 229,000 times and shared more than 15,800 times. Hopefully the building’s management has also seen it, and takes action about the wide railings.

Featured image screenshot via Twitter / 999 Malaysia

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