Woman Caught on Video Yelling ‘We Hate Americans’ At Crowded Chinese Airport

A six-second footage of a woman having an outburst at a Chinese airport is drawing clicks online. The clip emerged this week.

In a blue shirt, black pants and a pair of glasses, the unidentified woman blurted out before walking away:

“Don’t stay in China. We hate Americans!”

Events leading to her racial crack were unknown, but as far as the video suggests, she appeared to be coming from a dialogue.

Onlookers were shocked as she made her comments, and the person filming was heard saying “whoa.”

The video has been viewed over 150,000 times since its posting. Alee, a YouTuber based in Los Angeles, uploaded it with the caption:

“I was picking up my American coworker from Shanghai Pudong Airport, and seconds later this happens…”

Netizens had to comment:

“Maybe they should build a wall around China… oh wait.”

“She just said what everyone already thinks.”

“Six seconds cannot show the full story. That’s common sense. But still, what she said is not right. Sorry from a Chinese who worked in the US. Most Chinese are quite friendly though.”

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