Woman Puts Her Makeup Under a Microscope, is Shocked By What She Finds

Beauty and lifestyle YouTuber Tina Yong shows the irony of how something that makes everyone look beautiful can be quite horrifying when put under a microscope.

Yong, who has over 2.2 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, posted a video last Thursday that satisfies the curiosity of those who wonder what makeup looks like on the skin when under a microscope.

In this experiment, she first gave the viewers an up-close look at her skin without any makeup on for a better comparison. She checked out the cheek area, chin, upper lip, forehead, eyebrow, and eyelashes.

Yong also showed the area of her face where she has a pimple and a freckle.

After this, she proceeded with her usual makeup routine, focusing on her eyebrows, putting mascara on her eyelashes, and using highlighter — as well as foundation — to cover her pimple.

Yong then grabbed the microscope again to show what happened to her skin after she applied makeup on. It looks very beautiful on the outside.

Upon closer inspection, her cheek and eyelid became sparkly from the makeup.

The power of makeup is still there when trying to hide pimples or freckles.

See how the makeup clings onto every strand of eyebrow hair.

The true horror comes when Yong puts the microscope over her eyelashes. It’s like something straight out of an alien movie.

Perhaps some things in life don’t require a closer inspection after all!

Images via YouTube / Tina Yong

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