Woman Falls in Love With Boyfriend’s Male Lover, Gets Pregnant With His Baby

Woman Falls in Love With Boyfriend’s Male Lover, Gets Pregnant With His Baby
Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
February 8, 2019
The story of a woman who fell in love with her boyfriend’s male lover and later got pregnant with his baby has gone viral in the Philippines.
In June 2015, Angelica Mabuhay met her housemate’s friend, a man identified as “Justin,” who expressed interest in her.
After a month of courting, Justin and Angelica became a couple.
“I was so in love in with him. I look forward to each of his texts and calls,” Angelica told local feature show “One at Heart,” Jessica Soho. “If I run out of prepaid credits, I load up just so I can talk to him.”
Image via YouTube / GMA Public Affairs
Unfortunately, Justin grew cold after a few months. Angelica became suspicious and began investigating.
“I suspected that I was not his only girlfriend. He must have a lot from different places,” she recalled. “I stalked him on Facebook, checked out texts on his phone … He hung out with other women and there were pictures.”
Image via Facebook / Angelica Isla Mabuhay
Despite her worries, Angelica remained in relationship with Justin — until one Facebook tag changed everything.
Apparently, Justin had a male lover who wanted to declare their relationship on the social network.
Image via Facebook / Angelica Isla Mabuhay
Furious, Angelica broke up with Justin, who only laughed it out when finally confronted.
“He only replied ‘hahaha’ as if the whole thing was a mockery. I thought I wanted to hit him. I wanted to come to his place and throw all his stuff away.”
Image via YouTube / GMA Public Affairs
Justin’s lover, Jeffrey Urieta, also knew him from a housemate.
“The first time I met him, I was already attracted,” Jeffrey recalled. “He was so appealing because of his big body.”
However, he claimed that he had no idea that Justin had a girlfriend.
“I requested that we be ‘in a relationship’ on Facebook and he agreed. But one commented on that status and said, ‘How shameless, why does it have to be you? Gay … how brave of you.’”
Image via YouTube / GMA Public Affairs
It’s unclear who posted such comments. Instead of joining the chaos, Angelica sent a private message to Jeffrey to hear his side of the story — and surprisingly offered friendship.
In a shocking turn of events, the two became friends, and when Jeffrey broke up with Justin, they only got even closer and became BFFs.
“She always texts to see how I am doing,” Jeffrey said.
Angelica added, “I have no idea myself. It’s just my day isn’t complete if I don’t get to chat with him.”
Image via YouTube / GMA Public Affairs
Jeffrey and Angelica continued their good communication. Eventually — and with Angelica’s persistence — they became a couple.
“Jeffrey is a very nice person. He’s different from all the other men and I really like him,” Angelica said. “Back when we were still calling each other, I proposed the idea of us being together … and he said yes.”
At that point, Jeffrey was uncertain about his feelings but gave the idea a shot anyway.
“I was also thinking about it. Why did I say yes when I am attracted to men?” Jeffrey wondered. “Of course I thought it was unfair for her because she loves me and I don’t feel the same way.”
Image via Facebook / Jeffrey Belarmino Urieta
However, their relationship was put to the test early on when Angelica discovered that Jeffrey had been talking to Justin.
“I was so hurt. I wanted to cry but I just went along,” Angelica said.
In his defense, Jeffrey claimed that Justin was only saying hi. “He was only checking on me and even cheered for Angelica and I.”
But Angelica, who also found that Jeffrey had been flirting with other guys, finally grew tired and asked him to choose.
Image via Facebook / Angelica Isla Mabuhay
“I chose Angelica, the woman who loves me so much,” Jeffrey said.
Image via Facebook / Angelica Isla Mabuhay
Time passed by, and in December, the couple welcomed a baby boy. They have since lived together to raise him.
Image via Facebook / Angelica Isla Mabuhay
“Even if life is hard, even if my salary isn’t enough, I manage to save money to raise our baby,” Jeffrey said. “I’m happy to go home after work to see my son. My exhaustion goes away.”
Image via Facebook / Jeffrey Belarmino Urieta
The couple’s story has since gone viral in Philippine social media, with many expressing their support and proclaiming that true love knows no gender.
“I better start looking for a gay man.”
“This is a truly wonderful story. May God bless you both.”
“Now that was a very unexpected ending. I thought they would go into a catfight.”
“This made my day. In this case, a gay man clearly handles responsibility way better than a straight man.”
“This story makes me believe in true love. A kind of love that is unconditional, open arms, without judgment from the beloved, regardless of his sexual orientation!”
Featured Images via YouTube / GMA Public Affairs
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